The Mordent Cartographical Organization

The society has always been an organization without much of a hierarchy. While decisions on how funds were to be spent was ultimately made by the five member board, every member could volunteer information or ideas at will, and in the work of a project everyone was considered equal.

In later years, when the society took its printing in its own hands, the board, headed by Dianesti, took a stricter control on what would and would not be included on the maps. Some of these were arbitrary, while others had a notable political background. Funding governments could count on their military bastions being omitted from the maps, and nobles might get their estate drawn when no mention was needed. Unfortunately, these negotiations had the unfortunate side effect that the board lost its objectivity and opened itself up for corruption.

Votes within the society, and even with the board itself, called for an impartial stance when it came to domain politics. When the board member Avantas was dragged from his home into the night by hired thugs for not fulfilling one of his promises, the society was forced to change its fundament and accepted a rule that would forbid any member from involving himself with political conflict, or to accept gifts for alterations or inclusions of information on the society maps.
The actual impact of these changes were never recorded, as most of the society was obliterated as the Requiem took place, and Il Aluk was wiped of the map.

Today, the society is scattered and its organization even more loose than before. Only three members constitute the board, and they hardly ever meet. Liederick Meier, the only actual survivor, is the head of the society. His title is a temporary one as far as he is concerned, but there is nobody to take the leadership from him, and the surviving members see him as the only figure head possible.
Most people think Nivert Breesk, the single oldest member, is dead, but this is only half of the truth, as Breeskā€™s wraith still haunts the university ruins in Il Aluk. He is still considered a board member, and is mostly concerned with the maintenance of the old Il Aluk archive. He only communicates with Liederick through what most members who know of his existence suspect to be magical means. Despite his foul demeanor, the wraith is considered a valuable asset, and loyal to the cause. As such, Breesk is one of the best kept society secrets and known to only a handful of the oldest members.
The third member of the board is Raphael Avantas, son of former member Melchior Avantas. Raphael mostly resides in Port-a-Lucine, from where he oversees and monitors the members of the society. He is also an administrator in the Dementlian government. Despite this controversial position, he strictly maintains the rules, and has not shown any partiality on Dementlieu in his dealings with the society.

Liederick himself arranges the printing of the maps. Occasionally, he travels the core for information or to contact other members. In particular, he visits Port-a-Lucine every other month to meet with Avantas. As a result, most of the decisions are made by him, and the production of new maps has therefor slowed down considerably. He is considering recruiting more people to staff his house in Mordentshire, but thus far suitable personnel has not been found.

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