The Mordent Cartographical Secret

Everybody needs directions. The Mordent Cartographic Society has taken the task of showing people the roads.

From the small town of Mordentshire-at-the-Sea, a steady stream of maps finds its way to eager travelers all over the core. The dark domain of Barovia, the forests of Verbrek, the bustling city of Port-a-Lucine – all are drawn in excruciating detail, and cannot hide their secrets any longer – or at least so it seems the casual observer.
More critical viewers note that not all the information on the maps are that accurate. No map of Borca makes mention of the House of Lament, the validity of the society’s ‘map of Castle Ravenloft’ has been questioned, and the map of Verbrek, with its lush forest and sparkling stream could well do with a sign saying ‘here be werewolves’.

But most people do not really mind the little omissions that appear on the maps, as the information that does get revealed is valuable enough, based on an archive that goes back to a time before the Great Upheaval. For almost twenty years, the society has been gathering the information. And all of it started in an almost-dead faculty in the great university of Il Aluk, in the domain that the society to this day steadfastly refers to as Darkon.