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Volunteer in India with IVI

Even the brightest and most motivated of students can burn out. They can lose their sight of their goals and have their drive dwindle away. Sometimes individuals like this just need to recharge and find their purpose again. One of the best methods for individuals to revitalize their work ethic is for them to travel and maybe volunteer overseas. Utilizing a gap year to volunteer provides students and people of all stripes with an undeniable sense of fulfillment. It educates, prompts them to think critically, and broadens their horizons.

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International Volunteers International (IVI) recognizes both the value of the gap year and international volunteerism. As a result, it has developed various international volunteering programs and has brainstormed a variety of gap year ideas for students. Popular destinations to volunteer abroad are Fiji, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, and Tanzania.

India is also another incredibly popular place to volunteer overseas. Individuals can volunteer in India today through IVI. Volunteering in India is a hypnotizing and exciting experience, unlike any other. IVI promises all of its volunteers a genuine and authentic adventure that will enable them to further open their hearts and minds. India is home to not just one billion people but also iconic sites like the Taj Mahal, the Himalayas, and the sacred Ganges River. From breathtaking scenery to thrilling adventures India truly is a place unlike any other.

Unfortunately, however, India is in a situation where it could use capable and enthusiastic volunteers. There are currently some worrisome statistics and facts about India’s current economic, environment, social landscapes. For example, in India about 950,000 newborns die per year from infections. And, additionally, many children in regions throughout have absolutely no nutritional background.

Volunteer programs like IVI aim to make a lasting and real difference in the lives of these individuals. They are focused on establishing sustainable education and employment through their volunteering efforts throughout India. Those who volunteer India not only learn about the critical issues in India, but work to help a strong foundation of self-care for both families and communities in India. There are also opportunities for Fiji Gap year volunteering along with other international destinations.

IVI volunteer overseas programs in India include working in schools, orphanages, community development, journalism volunteering, medical placement, and environmental volunteering. These volunteer programs are situated all over the country from the sacred region of Bodhgaya, to the foothills of the Tibetan Himalayas, to urban areas like Bangalore and Mumbai. In each of those locations IVI is willing to organize single or multiple placement itineraries to accommodate a variety of interests and budgets. Individuals can volunteer for as little as one week and as much as four months. Depending on the type and length of program prices can range from about $300 to $3000. Costs cover everything except flights, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance (which is mandatory), language lessons, tours, souvenirs, and spending money.

So, when an individual like you ‘burns out,’ don’t give up. Seek an alternative path to help regain your drive, provide you with an enduring sense of fulfillment, and give you the opportunity to help others. Taking a gap year and volunteering abroad is one such path. Check out their website at HTTP://WWW.VOLUNTEERING.ORG.AU/.

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