Welcome to Mordent Cartographical Society

Welcome, stranger, at the Mordent Cartographical Society.
Maps it is that we create, and here in our printshop in Mordentshire-at-the-Sea we like to welcome you and give you the opportunity to look around.

Originally our society was based in the great University of Il-Aluk, capital city of Darkon. But alas, that city is no more the center of our scientific universe. A great disaster struck the city, and those remaining have fallen under a bad influence.
Nivert Breesk, whose unresting soul guards the ruins of the University library, has sent us his precious information on the Domains of Dread.
Marcus V. Dianesti, our founder, has not been heared from for quite a while. His last hide out is rumoured to be in the Sleeping Beast mountains in Lamordia.

Luckily, at least a few wanderers still add to our collection. Thank the gods for people like Damien Bloch and Wynne the Wanderer…

Well let’s not waste any further time. Pary, let me show you around this place, and inform you of the marvelous lands that make up the domains of dread…