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Kartakass lies in the south of the Core.

A domain with lush forests, it contains only two major settlements: Skald and Harmonia. It is crisscrossed with the rivers that originate from the Musarde River, which flows in from Sithicus and dissapears into Hazlan. The domain is bordered by Barovia in the north, Hazlan in the east, and Sithicus in the west. South of this domain lay the mists.
Wedged between Barovia and Kartakass lies Forlorn, a mostly empty domain.
The map shown here is an older map. An update is forthcoming.

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Kartakass map


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The Kartakan Inn

Assumptions and Added Details

For Kartakass, I assumed most woodlands would be decidious woods.

Since the castle 'Forfarmax' from CotN:Ghosts came from the same prime world as Forlorn, I have decided to place it here. The accompanying village, which did not fit in Forlorn, is located in Kartakass.

The village Homlack (or Homlock, according to some) first appearaed in the domain 'Daglan', as the hideout of the evil darklord Radaga. This domain disappeared at the end of 'Feast of Goblyns'.
After the grand conjunction, Kartakass has grown - not considerably, but enough new land appeared that Homlack could be added to the domain. Homlack is only a small village, with a number of farmers. Rumor has it that some of the inhabitents are in league with the undead (or may be undead themselves), but this has not as yet been proven.
Note : According to some, the domain of Daglan is gone adrift in the mist and no longer part of the core. I myself like it as a part of Kartakass, though.

Cortton, Chebney, Pel, Kuhl and Yurt are names taken from the novel Death of a Darklord. Cortton is the place where this story runs its course. The others are mentioned casually in the text.
Yurt was once plagued by vampires (hence I put it near the border with Barovia). Pel had once a monster living in it's lake. It was killed by the bard Calum Songmaster, but rumours say the monster has resurfaced. This may very well be another creature, though, or even mere gossip.

The 'Sing Song' and 'Minstrel' rivers are taken from Feast of Goblyns. In order to stay in line with these names, I had to slightly reroute the Musarde River (which originally didn't flow through Kartakass).


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