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by Gomez

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This map of The Sea Barons is based on the maps from Ivid the Undying, a unpublished module that can be downloaded from the WotC website.

The map of Oakenisle is purely my imagination. It is not necessarily accurate (but hey, it could be).

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Available for download is the CC2 source of the map :, CC2-map archive (57 Kb)

Sea Barons map


Campaign settings :
The Adventure Begins
Modules :
Ivid the Undying
Websites :
Wizards of the Coast: World of Greyhawk

Assumptions and Added Details

The map shown here is created from the two maps in the module 'Ivid the Undying'. Since these maps did not have a scale (and I do not have another map showing the Barons' isles) there is no scale on this map either. I woudl appreciate any feedback on what the actual scale is.

Right now, this map does not add anything to the maps in the module. This may change after the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer is published.

I did create a map of Oakenisle, which is purely my imagination 9taking the description of the isle into account).


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